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“It is hoped that SMA’s success can serve as a model for other communities.”

— Bishop Steven J. Raica

Diocese of Gaylord
“It’s such a delight to be around St. Michael Academy students. They are welcoming, fun, respectful, intelligent, and polite. It’s nice to engage with students who look you in the eye and smile. Not only does St. Michael Academy teach boldly the Catholic Faith, it also teaches the students how to think and how to engage with our modern culture in a way that leads them to become positive influences within that culture and not blind victims of its flaws.”

— Fr. Peter Wigton, St. Michael Academy Chaplain

Pastor, St. Mary of the Assumption, Charlevoix, MI
“I arrived this past July,2018 to become the Administrator of the L’abre Croche Catholic Community. When the school year began, I was invited to tour St. Michael Academy and offer Mass for the students and staff. It was encouraging to see that a dream to reestablish a Catholic High School in our Northern area had come true. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the students and dedication of the teaching staff. I would highly encourage parents to seriously consider St. Michael’s Academy. It provides a solid Christian background that will serve students well in their future.”

— Fr. Jim Gardiner, Administrator

The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche, Harbor Springs, Michigan
“I support the school enthusiastically as it continues to grow and offer more opportunities for growth in so many ways to our young men and women.”

— Fr. Joe Graff, Pastor (Retired)

The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche
“What a benefit of joy to contribute to a young person’s future, knowing his decisions will be influenced by well-grounded values learned at SMA.”

— E. Sadowski

Scholarship Sponsor
“I believe that what, and how, SMA students are learning is helping them to become aware, understand, and question the choices the secular world is making – without sacrificing an ounce of academic excellence.”

— M. McDonald

2013 Circle Member
I have been a product of Catholic education from kindergarten through College. I then became a promoter of it as a History, English, and Religion teacher. My association with Catholic students was further expanded in my work as a football, basketball and a golf coach during those years. Those experiences laid the foundation for my interest in it.

My time serving St. Michael’s by saying Mass has reconnected me to those experiences of many years ago. My enthusiasm and awe at the creative educational environment I sense there is a valuable alternative to Public and Catholic traditional education. I can’t help but believe that it has a positive effect on students there and wish more young people could benefit from it.

—Fr. Joe Blasko

The Catholic Communities of L'Arbre Croche, Harbor Springs, Michigan