Rather than a separate component of a student’s school experience, we bring faith and service into our daily, weekly, and yearly calendar through a variety of components including:

  • Campus Mass each Tuesday and Thursday with opportunities for Monthly Confessions
  • Morning Prayer Service (called Forum) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Daily Prayer
  • Annual Student Retreat
  • Annual Lenten Mission Trip
  • Annual “Living” Stations of the Cross
  • Quarterly “Living” Rosary
  • Opportunity for Pro-Life Activities
  • May Crowning
  • Michaelmas and 12th Night Celebrations
  • Lenten Prayer, Fasting, and Alms-giving
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets for the Poor

Please send us your prayer requests


Students are able to attend Mass twice a week. On Tuesdays we have priests from the area celebrate Mass at the school in our St. Pope John Paul II chapel.  Most Thursdays Fr. Peter Wigton, St. Michael Academy’s Chaplain, leads Mass, then sticks around for lunch and a serious round or two of Ping-Pong or Fooze Ball. The public is always invited to join us for Mass.


Students have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation several times during the month. For those students who are not Catholic, they have the opportunity to speak to a priest about any personal issues or difficulties they might have.


In addition to our annual Mission Trip, students take part in a one day spiritual retreat offered by our area priests. This retreat might take place at the school, or may include a trip to an area parish.

Enrichment/Community Service

Weekly field trips or guest speakers on careers and faith
Each Friday students engage in a variety of field trips or with guest speakers on careers and faith—from farming to government, first aid to hospice. As part of our mission to form the whole person, SMA is dedicated to instilling a sense of social responsibility and servant leadership in our students.

For this reason, we have built service opportunities, including working at Brother Dan’s Food Pantry and St. Francis Xavier Parish, into our curriculum.

As with every other component of our curriculum, it is important that the student carries what he/she has learned into the world outside of the classroom.

To promote service outside of class time, we have instituted the Brown Cord Ministry.


Earn recognition for being part of the Brown Cord Ministry
The Brown Cord is a reference to the common practice of high school and college graduates wearing different colored cords at their graduation ceremony to signify academic and extra-curricular achievements. We chose the color brown in honor of St. Francis and the Franciscans who have embraced a charism of service to others for over 800 years. The Franciscans have been active in our area for years, and continue to serve at one of our area parishes, Cross in the Woods Shrine.

In the spirit of St. Francis, students who complete an additional 20 service hours (outside of school time) can earn recognition for being part of the Brown Cord Ministry. An awards ceremony is held each year to recognize those who achieve this additional level of service. Those who achieve 20 hours each year they attend SMA will receive a Brown Cord to wear at graduation.

It is also our hope that this cord will remind them, as St. Francis once said, ``When you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that have received--only what you have given.

Mission Trip


During Lent, our students will take a mission trip to either Detroit or Grand Rapids (depending on the year).  This gives our students the opportunity to not only serve others, but also learn about the two largest cities in our state.

The Detroit trip includes service at Gleaner’s Community Food Bank and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, two Detroit institutions founded by Catholics to serve the needs of the hungry and homeless.  Students will also have the opportunity to visit points of cultural and historical significance, including  the Heidelberg Project and Belle Isle State Park.  In addition, they will visit the campus of Madonna University, and have a hands-on tour of their state-of-the-art Broadcast and Cinema Arts studio.

Of course, faith also plays a very important role in this mission trip, with prayer, reflections, devotions, and Mass, an integral part of each day.  We will visit the Ven. Solanus Casey Center and St. Florian Roman Catholic Church, and experience the richness of the Byzantine Catholic tradition at Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic Church.  In addition, students will make a mini-pilgrimage to the Orchard Lake Schools, where St. John Paul II spent time as a Cardinal.

Our Community Partners


Brother Dan’s Food Pantry

Students helped pack food at this Potoskey pantry.


Guadalupe Workers

Students helped wrap Christmas presents that were delivered by this pro-life ministry to women and children in Detroit.