Countries from which our exchange students have traveled
Exchange students have attended St. Michael Academy starting with one quarter up to the full school year
• Poland
• Czech Republic
• Brazil
• Italy
• France
• Spain

A life changing experience

We never knew what we were missing until we hosted our “son” Vitor from Brazil. Sharing and learning each others language, traditions, and experiences opened a whole new world to all of us.

Vitor’s parents and younger sister came to visit at the end of his stay. As sad as it was to watch him leave, we are all the better for it and wouldn’t change a thing.

Augustin, from France, lived with us for just two months. We met his parents through Teams of Our Lady and became friends.

After having two exchange students live with, us our daughter became highly motivated, saved her money, and travel to France to live with Augustin’s family for three weeks over the summer. What an amazing experience all around!

The Law Family

This exchange program (for us in 2017) was, quite literally, life-changing for our family. We became close friends with both our host student as well as his family, and our daughter – a junior at SMA – is now on exchange with his family for 6 months in the Czech Republic. Since then we have also hosted a young girl from South Korea.

We have come to believe in the value of exchange programs for all involved. It is an amazing experience. It’s eye-opening for the kids, and a concrete, “hands-on” way to learn about other cultures and become more aware of issues beyond our town and beyond our own country.

The Gagnon Family