“There is no other school around here that challenges you the way SMA does.  I am only a freshman, but already I am doing college-level work and, because of the Socratic Method, I love our classroom discussions.  I can’t wait to tell more people about the St. Michael difference.”


“We just got a new science lab this and a great new science teacher.  I am excited because Science & Math are among the most important fields of study and I know that I’m getting the best education at SMA.  With the skills that I have learned here, I’m confident that I will succeed later in life.”


“In many ways, it was a big risk to start SMA, and for students like me to attend such a new and small school. But now that I am a senior, and I look back on all the leadership opportunities I have had here, I realize that there is nowhere else I’d rather graduate from than SMA. I am definitely ready to step-up and be a young Catholic leader!”


“As an altar server, my faith is very important to me, and at St. Michael Academy, we can talk about it in a way that helps us understand it better and explain it to others who might not be Catholic. SMA makes me proud to be Catholic!”


“To me, the thing that makes St. Mike’s different is the books we read. For example, right now in history we are reading Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations and The Federalist Papers. Where else can you read and discuss such cool books and thinkers that built our country? With this background, I know I will be ready for college courses.”


“At St. Michael Academy, exchange students like me receive an amazing education.  I love the individual attention and respect for my culture.  I cannot wait to be part of the SMA Basketball team.”