The Classical Movement

  • St. Michael Academy is currently one of three Classical Catholic high schools in the state of Michigan
  • The Diocese of Marquette, MI switched its Elementary curriculum to Classical in 2009 and will soon open the Diocese’s first Catholic high school in decades, also featuring a Classical curriculum
  • Classical education is the fastest growing curriculum in the USA
    • 1993: 10 Registered Classical Schools
    • 2003: 153 Registered Classical Schools
    • 2017: 251 Registered Classical Schools


Classical Education

  • Grounded in the principles of teaching students how to learn and think for themselves
  • Emphasizes faith and reason, and integration across all subjects
  • Develops a broader culture of engagement, preparing students for their futures through practical application of technology
  • Explores new ideas beyond the classroom
  • Features regular Enrichment Programs and field trips
  • Teaches students to discern their own gifts through experiences of Senior Seminars (Internships)
  • Senior Thesis
    • Each graduating senior is asked to research and defend in public a current public controversy that utilizes the scholastic method of argumentation employed by St. Thomas Aquinas.


Catholic Foundation

  • Teaches students to develop morally, ethically and with virtue
  • Principles of our Catholic faith are taught and integrated across our curriculum, helping students to gain knowledge of its history and foundation and wisdom for practical application in their daily lives
  • Regional Priests celebrate student-led Mass on campus each Tuesday and our Chaplain, Fr. Peter Wigton, celebrates Mass with us each Thursday
  • Opportunities for spiritual direction and Reconciliation are available monthly



SMA follows The Golden Rule and seeks to help those in need and those who give so much. We are pleased to have and continue to fill needs in the following ways.

  • Brother Dan’s Food Pantry
  • Petoskey Pregnancy Center
  • Michigan Right to Life
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Highland House
  • Bay Bluffs
  • Pineview Cottages
  • Catholic Charities
  • Guadalupe Partners


SMA Established Programs
  • Shop Local First So Local Lasts

Graduation Rate

100% of St. Michael Academy graduates have been accepted into the program of their choice


Highly Qualified Staff

  • Most of our instructors have earned their Masters and PhD degrees and offer real-world higher-academic and workplace experience
  • St. Michael Academy faculty participate in yearly professional development conferences offered by the leaders of the Classical Education Movement



  • Graduating two Senior classes (nine students) with 100% acceptance from more than 22 colleges, universities and industrial arts institutions, earning close to $500,000 in academic and merit scholarships (outside financial aid)
  • Welcoming a new transfer student each year SMA has been in operation
  • Hosting five exchange students visiting from Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, and France
  • Volunteering hundreds of hours annually in community service projects within our region
    and beyond—mission trips to Grand Rapids and Marquette, MI, and Chicago, IL
  • Adding approximately 30 weekly on-campus Masses, open to our community, celebrated by regional Priests
  • Attracting a record number of new families to a recruiting event, SMA DAY, a program hosted in May
  • Completed fully-funded Fire-Suppression Upgrades


Extra Curricular Activities

  • Student Council
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Brown Cord Services
  • Drama (Spring Play)
  • Choir / Choral
  • Pro-Life Club
  • Digital Technology Lab (opening Dec. 2018)
  • Digital Technology Club (beginning Dec. 2018)
  • Professional Music Recording Studio (opening Dec. 2018)
  • Social Dance (Jan.-Mar)
  • Band (with Petoskey High School)


With serious interest, SMA encourages and is willing to support students wishing to start a new club or activity.



    • Cross Country
    • Volleyball
    • Boys Basketball
    • Track
    • Boys Golf
  • Co-op Teams
    • Soccer
    • Girls Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Tennis
    • Baseball
    • Softball

SMA students also have and continue to participate in Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Archery, Equestrian, and 4H. Many students also hold part-time jobs throughout the year. With serious interest, SMA is open and willing to support students wishing to start a new SMA Home Team or Club sport.


Student Leadership

SMA embodies a sense of duty and and social responsibility through organized voluntarism and annual mission trips and encourages students to carry what they learn outside the classroom

  • Students performing 20+ hours of service, beyond school requirements, are recognized with the Brown Cord distinction at graduation
  • Freedom to collaborate and start new teams, clubs, and programs related to students’ interest and shape the future of SMA student life and develops leadership and entrepreneurial skills