Mr. Doug Buday

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Doug Buday has served as President of D Buday International since 2012, the developer and founder of the Soundog wireless technology and phone applications.
The path leading to Soundog was formed over thirty years ago, when Buday helped grow his dad’s TV repair and antenna-installation shop into a high-end business that designed and installed custom audio-video systems to residential and business markets throughout Michigan.

While at the helm of Soundog Inc, Buday lead the research, international development and sales, marketing, and training—which established him as a thinker and enthusiastic leader of innovative audio technology that brings enjoyment to consumers and revenue to businesses. Has worked with many major Fortune 500 companies providing audio solutions.

Mr. Buday has traveled internationally for business setting up partnerships in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and China and has a passion for creating innovative solutions for product development and non-profit fundraising efforts.

Mr. Buday has lived in Charlevoix most of his life, married to Michelle for 32 years, 6 children and 1 grandson.