What's it REALLY like to go to St. Michael Academy?

Ask a student!

Introducing The St. Michael Student Ambassadors Club


Interested in knowing what sports is like at a small school?

Want to hear about our new Robotics program?

Wondering what this Classical Curriculum is all about?

You are in the right place!


Developed by our students, The Students Ambassadors Club gives curious teens and/or parents a chance to speak directly with a current SMA student and ask questions in an informal setting.

Each volunteer Student Ambassador brings a different perspective and is happy to share his/her experiences – from Sports to Quiz Bowl to Prom – and each can tell you about the new opportunities for 2019-20.

To schedule a meeting with an Ambassador, please contact the Club President, at ambassadors@stmichaelpetoskey.org. You’ll hear a short bio on each Ambassador and choose one to pair up with for coffee or ice-cream in one of Petoskey’s beautiful downtown establishments.

Meetings may be scheduled throughout the year. Don’t worry if you forget to ask a question. You can follow-up with the same Ambassador or choose a different one to gain another perspective. The more you learn about St. Michael Academy, the more you’ll like.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!