A gift from you today tells northern Michigan students seeking the foundation to become tomorrow's leaders, raise strong families, shape healthy communities and build this culture of encounter that you believe in them.


Tuition for the 2018-19 school year includes a 15% increase. Net tuition will cover 28% of a St. Michael Academy education. Families able to contribute time, talent, and treasure, to add or help offset their tuition rate are asked to do so.

Funds from other sources such as grants, fundraisers, and gifts from family members, board members and other supporters of Catholic high school education account for the remainder of the actual cost to educate each student.

As an emerging independent Catholic school without an established alumni base, our Annual Fund is a critical resource for hiring exceptional faculty (80% of operational costs)to support a quality institution.

By supporting the Annual Fund, you are:

  • Helping to provide a Catholic high school education for a northern Michigan student who may not otherwise be able to attend

  • Investing in the value of an education that teaches students how to develop morally, ethically, and with virtue

  • Helping to strengthen the population of the Catholic Church

Recurring gifts
In addition to a one-time gift, you have the option to set up a monthly donation. The convenience of a recurring gift, charged to your credit card or EFT from your account, breaks down an annual gift into more manageable contributions.
Monthly gifts can be designated in any amount. One example is our 2013 Founders Circle. Many members at this level have chosen to set up monthly payments of $167.75 for an annual total of $2,013, SMA’s founding year.


SMA is grateful for the blessings our volunteers provide - from substitute teachers to special speakers/presentations to helping with events, programs, and campaigns. If you have the time and a talent you'd like to share, please contact at 231-881-9025.



Help a Northern Michigan student attend SMA by establishing a Named Scholarship to which qualifying students may apply, or a Memorial Fund to support student aid.

The process of establishing a scholarship is fairly simple. Initial considerations include funding and duration of an award, and establishing criteria used to identify qualified applicants.

Administration of scholarships may be designated to St. Michael the Archangel Foundation, Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation – Diocese of Gaylord or Harbor Springs-Petoskey Community Foundation.


Five-year annual commitment of $100,000 or greater

Five-year annual commitment at varying levels. Click for more info.

2013 Founders Circle
Monthly and one-time gifts totaling $2,013 annually

Friends of SMA  
Monthly and one-time gifts totally less than $2,013 annually (current year)


What will your legacy be?
A bequest or estate gift can be one of the most powerful ways to strengthen and protect an organization that supports a cause in which you believe. Your prayerful consideration of a bequest to St. Michael Academy is greatly appreciated.

Please consider shopping local businesses first.

If you would like to learn more about our public service awareness campaign, please call Marie Law, Advancement Director at 231-330-2835.

Life changes quickly.

In the blink of an eye, we go from pushing strollers downtown to driving a “taxi” in pursuit of our family’s athletic, educational, musical, civic, spiritual, and recreational interests.

What doesn’t seem to change?

The parade of donation requests from the organizations offering these fantastic opportunities so they may continue to enhance our community and help make it the exceptional place we are blessed to call “home.”

“It’s our choices that ultimately define us.”

You, our local businesses. And we need to support you, too. With almost half of St. Michael Academy (SMA) families being self-employed, we understand and strive to uphold The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Community Partners.

One way is by pledging to approach community partners with creative, mutually beneficial ideas to consider when requesting their support.

St. Michael Academy: Deciding Factor

Opening a small Catholic high school in northern Michigan would not have been possible otherwise. We are pleased to share that, even in our short existence, at least three families credit St. Michael Academy as an important deciding factor in moving to this area.

Making our community great.

Borrowing from Brett Moore, an SMA founding student and recent graduate, “It’s our choices that ultimately define us.” A true statement, whether referring to self or community, and a reason why SMA created Shop Local First So Local Lasts—a public service campaign to remind us all to simply check out our local businesses before shopping on-line.

Inspiring locals and visitors.

This choice, made even once a year in each household, could result in thousands of local transactions and be a defining factor in the future of our community.

We hope our purple and gold Shop Local First signs, when placed in storefronts and at checkouts, inspire locals and visitors alike all to consider value over price and fellowship over perceived convenience.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to display our Shop Local First So Local Lasts card. When we help each other, we all succeed… And, when we’re chatting with that local sales clerk life just might slow down, even for a minute.

Kind Regards, Marie LawAdvancement, St. Michael Academy

P.S. If you are interested in exploring mutually beneficial support opportunities with SMA, please call my cell, 231-330-2835 or email.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for locally, St. Michael Academy participates in Amazon Smile, a program where Amazon donates a portion of qualifying purchases to non-profit organizations.  This program does not impact pricing, and all products are purchased and shipped as they would be through the regular Amazon website.

By following this link, your purchases will be part of the Amazon Smile program, and help to support St. Michael Academy. Please note that participation in the Amazon Smile program is in no way an endorsement by Amazon of St. Michael Academy. Purchases made through the Amazon Smile program are not tax-deductible.