St. Michael Academy is a premier “prep school” where it’s never forgotten that while “college prep” is important, it’s always secondary to “heaven prep.”

In this complicated age, when the broader secular culture is severely testing our beliefs, we must become more intentional and more knowledgeable of our Catholic faith. We’re called to strengthen our youth morally and ethically, instilled with a robust prayer life and proficiency in critical thinking. In keeping with the New Evangelization, we aspire for SMA graduates to be happy warriors, vigorously professing what is right and good in the public square, and doing so in a collegial and joy-filled manner.

With its marriage of “Faith & Reason”, our Classical Catholic curriculum is the right educational approach to achieve these objectives. Far from “Common Core plus Mass”, the Classical approach is itself traditionally and intrinsically Catholic. As we pursue the True, the Good, and the Beautiful, the faith of our students is deepened. The principles of our faith are integrated throughout life at SMA, helping our students gain not only knowledge of them, but, the wisdom to apply them practically in their daily lives.

Please read more about our educational approach on the succeeding Why Classical Education page.

“St. Michael Academy’s grassroots effort has fueled enthusiasm within our faith communities to open new and even expand existing Catholic high schools across our Diocese. Although currently independent, we are exploring ways to partner with and support SMA as it grows. Catholic high schools are of great value to the Church and to our communities. It is hoped that SMA’s success can serve as a model for other communities.”

Bishop Steven J. Raica

Diocese of Gaylord
“It’s such a delight to be around St. Michael Academy students. They are welcoming, fun, respectful, intelligent, and polite. It’s nice to engage with students who look you in the eye and smile. Not only does SMA teach boldly the Catholic Faith, it also teaches the students how to think and how to engage with our modern culture in a way that leads them to become positive influences within that culture and not blind victims of its flaws.”

Father Peter Wigton

St. Michael Academy Chaplain; Pastor, St. Mary of the Assumption, Charlevoix
“When the school year began, I was invited to tour St. Michael Academy and offer Mass for the students and staff. It was encouraging to see that a dream to reestablish a Catholic High School in our Northern area had come true. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the students and dedication of the teaching staff. I would highly encourage parents to seriously consider SMA. It provides a solid Christian background that will serve students well in their future.”

Father Jim Gardiner

Administrator, The Catholic Communities of L’Arbre Croche, Harbor Springs
“When efforts first began on the formation of a Catholic High School in Emmet County, I was very skeptical. This was especially true if the new school followed a traditional model with large staffs and great expenses.

Over these last couple of years of celebrating Mass at SMA, I have come to know the excellent environment and education that these students are receiving in ways that couldn’t be imagined several years ago. I support the school enthusiastically as it continues to grow and offer more opportunities for growth in so many ways to our young men and women.  Congratulations to all who made it happen.  It is a wonderful addition to our entire community.”

Father Joe Graff

Pastor (Retired), The Catholic Communities of L'Arbre Croche, Harbor Springs
“I have been a product of Catholic education from kindergarten through college. I then became a promoter of it as a History, English, and Religion teacher. My association with Catholic students was further expanded in my work as a football, basketball and a golf coach during those years. Those experiences laid the foundation for my interest in it.

My time serving SMA by saying Mass has reconnected me to those experiences of many years ago. My enthusiasm and awe at the creative educational environment I sense there is a valuable alternative to Public and Catholic traditional education. I can’t help but believe that it has a positive effect on students there and wish more young people could benefit from it.”

Father Joe Blasko

The Catholic Communities of L'Arbre Croche, Harbor Springs